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This project involves designing how Step by Step can become a tailored resource for the residents in the city of Jackson. Currently, Step by Step is a website with a blog of health education content and events in the city. A recent addition is an activity challenges feature that Step by Step developed with a third party.

Our goals were to:

  • Promote knowledge of physical activities in the city and health awareness 
  • Have Step by Step be a recognized resource in the community and at least HIO
  • Design health content and presentation on the site 
  • Have residents use the tool -- over 50% of visitors click through and explore one part of the site, and
  • Create a method to evaluate the use of our tools / resources
To do so, we developed a mobile app that leverages GPS functionality. Using our app, citizens are able to see the walking trails in Jackson, as well as the various recreation centers. By clicking on these recreation centers, citizens are able to see a list of programs that are being offered, providing an enhanced look at a location that is not available through other location services such as Google Maps.  

Citizens using our app will be able to share pictures of locations in Jackson they have visited, as well as post information about their activities to their favorite social media outlets. Additionally, business owners of recreation centers will be able to use this platform to advertise their services and seek ways to set themselves apart from competitors.

The approach we have chosen, and our development strategies, will enable this app to be maintained at a low cost with the potential for high impact. There is room to invest in this application and improve upon its features should it prove to be successful.

  • Attachment
    Poster for the December 2014 Expo.
  • Prototype of our app.
  • Presentation for the December 2014 Expo.
  • Original project plan, with each team member's learning goals and the project scope.
  • Details of the trails and recreation centers that we are incorporating into the app, chosen by Step by Step and the Fitness Council.
  • Press release for our app, made available for our partners to use when the app launches in 2015.
  • Presentation of our design in October 2014, in one of its early iterations.
  • Design justification of the affordances of a mobile app for our project, as well as use case scenarios.
  • Attachment
    Sketch of the main goals of our project, during the first meeting to scope the project.



  • Monica Guo

    Monica Guo

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Each team member collaborated on the entire project, from ideation to development. We also managed one particular aspect of the project: 

    Mirella: Health education content. Applied public health theories / models and community organizing techniques to create effective health education material specific for community of Jackson

    Monica: Partner liaison and visual design. Helped coordinate stages of the project and acted as support for preparing content and visuals. 

    Tom: UX design. Developed and iterated on the prototype, focusing on how to leverage the unique mobile affordances of the project to design a tailored application for the community.

  • Tom Bergman

    Tom Bergman

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  • Mirella Villalpando

    Mirella Villalpando

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  • University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

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