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1. Introduction This is a self-started Health Informatics class project, where a group of epidemiology students, information policy and HCI students planned and built a health care information system: SmartData. This application utilized the authoritative health data, combined a series of health-related indicators to holistically capture the well-being of Michigan cities and counties and, thus, provide residents and future residents with an accurate assessment of their community’s health status. 2. Method/Skills As one of the initiators of the team, I promoted the project idea, recruited team members from various backgrounds, defined the project scope, worked on assigning roles and generating schedules and helped keeping the process on track until the last step. As a key part in the HCI group, I focused on a user-centered design approach: conducted comparative analysis; developed a survey for potential users; generated and prioritized the product functionality; designed process flows; created wireframes and presented the final design. 3. Process 4. Outcome 5. Collaborators Andy Bowe, Doug Clark, Wen Cui, Mohamed Gulaid, Kyongho Kim, Xu Wang, Hao Zeng



  • Rae Hu

    Rae Hu / Interaction Designer

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


Information Architecture, Web Design

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