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Art Smart is an interactive scavenger hunt that incorporates online and offline behaviors to motivate citizens in Jackson to seek out public art and explore resources available to their families. With a focus on family, this project was inspired to make the process of viewing art not only engaging, but also informational.

There are a number of public arts scattered throughout Jackson, Michigan that hold a great amount of historical and cultural significance to the community. Through our interviews with citizens, we found that kids activities are the best way to engage both kids and parents. After a series of brainstorming, sketching and communicating with our partner, we came up with this Art Smart game.

There are four steps to complete this scavenger hunt: complete the online trivia game to unlock the scavenger hunt map; visit the art sites and take photo; upload photos and share on social network; get the personalized certificate with your own photos.

We picked 6 art pieces for our initial design. The trivia game's framework is made for easy reuse with new pieces and clues and can be used for a variety of projects that incorporate Google Maps.

  • Introduction of our project.
  • Attachment
    The 6 photos we nominated for Art Smart Consumers Mural, Summer Night Tree, Reality T.V., Defense of the Flag, The Cascades, Bev Bunny
  • A summary of our project.
  • Watch the video to see how citizens finish the scavenger hunt on their phone.
  • Web mock showing the flow of our webpage.
  • The scavenger hunt map users would get after the trivia game.
  • Attachment
    photo of the certificate upon completion of game!
  • Lesson plan to incorporate into the classroom.



  • Yuepei Guo

    Yuepei Guo

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    I participated in the whole process from research, ideation to final exposition. I worked with team members on interviews, brainstorming, web design (mockup for mobile version), paper prototype, graphic design (poster and flyer), some technology research and documentations of the project.
  • Elise Lawley

    Elise Lawley

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    I was the "communicator" for the team. Along with working with clients to discuss solutions, I contributed in the overall ideation of the project and helped design certificate, poster, and early prototypes. One thing I learned fro this project was the challenges time and cost and how pivotal communication can be in completing a project on a fashionable matter. 
  • Chung Han Tsai

    Chung Han Tsai

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Ideation, Research (Interview), Developing (Web / Mobile mockup; Showcase video; Posters), Contractors contact person  
  • Eugenia Kuo

    Eugenia Kuo / Participated in research, documentation, ideation, illustrations (app design, exposition poster, website / mobile mockup), semi-contractor contact.

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  • Shengjie Zhang

    Shengjie Zhang

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    - participated in the ideation process (research, brainstorm, etc)
    - participated in the wireframe and prototype of the products (mobile version of our website, flyer) we designed
    - participated in making videos to demonstrate our ideas (app and website)
    - participated in writing progress report, sustainability report, etc. 
  • University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


Marketing, Interaction Design, Web Design

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