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I'm a distance runner with the ultimate goal of racing in a marathon (yes, that's 26.2 miles). On my own, I began running 4-5 every other day during high school, weather permitting. By senior year, I ran a minimum of 6 and upwards of 13 miles of my own volition. My high school's track coaches recruited me for distance running in the spring of my senior year, where was challenged to run faster, not longer. In practice, I never tired but often couldn't breathe By the end of the season, I had slashed my personal record by over 4 minutes and was within 20 seconds of qualifying for the state track meet in the 2 mile event, competing with girls who had been running competitively since 6th grade. Currently, I am recovering from hip bursitis that has prevented me from running the past two months. I am currently in physical therapy to prevent future injuries and heal the current condition, and plan to continue my marathon goal by the time I graduate from the University of Michigan.





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