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Since my Bachelor’s degree is in art history, I am passionate about art, which led me to visual resources. Visual resource collections are important because similar to more traditional libraries and archives, these collections focus on providing access to information, albeit of a visual nature.

In my internship at the Visual Resources Collection (VRC), I largely focused on digitizing, imaging, and cataloging works that reside in the UM Kelsey Museum of Archaeology. I have worked in digitization and imaging, with a particular emphasis on cataloging, for the last three years, and am seeking a position within the visual resources field.

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    A large project was weeding the collection - this is a drawer before weeding
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    The weeded slides were placed in giant bins and removed for shredding
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    A screenshot of 2 slides that I digitized, imaged, researched, and cataloged



  • Amy Lazet

    Amy Lazet / Digitization and Cataloging Specialist

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    In my work at the Visual Resource Collection, I evaluated the content of a collection of 35mm slides via weeding, performed digitization and imaging skills, and created catalog records for the resulting images.


Education, Cultural Organizations, Fine Arts

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