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Downtown Construction

The City of Jackson will be undergoing extensive construction on Michigan Ave. from First to Francis St. to replace century-old sanitary sewer and water lines. This means that for approximately a year, parts of the downtown will be unnavigable. The task set to CID was to create an exhibit implementing historical information about the city to attract citizens downtown, even when it's full of traffic cones.

Team Dig

CID students Chris Bulin and Cara Bloom chose the Downtown Construction Project from the set of CID undertakings. This May Bulin - a Jackson native - graduated with her MSI in Library Management and Administration while Bloom is in the inaugural class of SI's new undergraduate program. 

The Plan

After research and investigation, Team Dig found that the city not only needed a way to attract citizens to the downtown, but a system to communicate with them efficiently about the construction. They developed a two phase plan that would encompass both aspects of the project. 

Phase I: The Communication System

The communication system will include an informative Honolulu Answers-style website with a forum for moderated discussion, a business contact registry that allows downtown stores and the city to communicate efficiently, signage and wayfinding to assist with downtown navigation, and a Communication Plan that defines methods and timelines for how the city should update the citizens about the project's progress

Phase II: The Exhibit

A summer intern and fall term CID team will implement the original conception of the plan - an attraction or exhibit to increase downtown traffic - and perform assessments on the communication system. Through focus groups, polling, and the web forum, they will be able to find problems and shortcomings in Phase I's implementation and enable solutions. 

In this way, Team Dig will not only create an efficient system with which the city can engage its citizens about the downtown construction, it will create a way for the citizens themselves to actively engage in the city. 

To learn more about CID, Team Dig, and Phases I & II just scroll down. 

  • A video overview of the CID Projects and our goals in Jackson
  • These slides accompanied a presentation given for the Project Expo at Jackson City Hall to city officials, CID teams, and expert judges
  • Team Dig members Cara Bloom and Chris Bulin during the poster expo portion of the CID Project Expo
  • The Quick Guide outlines each part of the Team Dig project to provide surface-level understanding of the Downtown Construction Project
  • The Final Report includes detailed descriptions of all process steps from focus groups to a comprehensive sustainability plan
  • Jackson construction website prototype done in the style of Honolulu Answers
  • Team Dig held four focus groups with Jackson citizens who would be affected by the construction, including this one at the 511 Grill.
  • MLive article announcing the kick-off of the CID projects, including images of Team Dig's first meeting with Jackson partner Jonathan Greene
  • For more information please visit the official UMSI CID webpage




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