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JacksonConnect is a mass notification system that enables officials in the city of Jackson to broadcast to city residents using voice message, email and SMS. In this project, we are working with the City of Jackson to help them make a better use of JacksonConnect.

First, we are trying to increasing use of the system by city officials. Currently only a few departments use it while others may have the potential to use it more effectively. Another aspect of the project is that we want to promote the use of the system by residents. Currently too few residents are subscribed or know about the system. Our goal is to increase the subscription rates and outgoing messages.

Our solutions address internal and external issues associated with increasing the use and value of JacksonConnect. Our informational document attempts to answer questions and provide a clear workflow to using JacksonConnect to send out messages. The promotional flyer we designed provides an way of framing the system for citizens in a way that is inviting and suggests it is under their control. Finally, our proposed website redesign attempts to provide a clearer sense of the nature of JacksonConnect to users who go to subscribe and to make it easier for them to manage their subscriptions.

  • Project Exposition Poster
  • JacksonConnect Informational Document
  • JacksonConnect Flyer
  • JacksonConnect Registration Page Wireframe
  • Final Presentation



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