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With thousands of hits each term, the creation of the MPortfolio Libguide has saved students and support staff countless hours.  While rather simple in design, this LibGuide has consistently received the most number of hits of all libguides at UM Dearborn since it was created in Fall 2012.  Julia Daniels is the webmistress for the effort, while Tom Forrester and Tarik Syed spent endless hours creating and recreating camtasia videos and help guides.  

  • In order to better support MPortfolios across campus, a team of students (in collaboration with the library) created an MPortfolio LibGuide.



  • Tiffany Marra

    Tiffany Marra / Supervisor

    Managing Director, Hub for Teaching & Learning Resources - University of Michigan at Dearborn
    • Facilitated communication between student creators and library staff
    • Guided and reviewed materials as they were being developed
    • Worked with units to identify and implement and areas of improvement



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