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Serve Beyond Cincinnati is a student group at the University of Cincinnati that engages students in multicultural world service experiences. SBC partners with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity and Homes from the Heart to undertake projects that increase the quality of life. These projects improve living conditions, education, health, and introduce appropriate technology into communities. Serve Beyond Cincinnati empowers students to create lasting change in the world while experiencing new cultures and creating lasting friendships.

  • Mixing cement, one of the first steps in building the stoves.
  • A completed stove.
  • The Guatemala 2013 spring team.
  • Visiting an orphanage outside the city of Antigua.



  • Emily Lang

    Emily Lang / Trip Leader

    In the spring of 2013 I was chosen to be a trip leader to Guatemala. I was responsible for organizing team meetings and creating a fundraising event for the team. In collaboration with one of our local restaurants, I organized a fundraiser in which we received 20% of all the proceeds for the evening. I also sent out personal letters to members in my hometown community asking for support, which was very well received.

    While in Guatemala, we built 16 stoves for families in a small village outside of the city of Antigua. These stoves were safer, more efficient at cooking meals, and healthier for the environment than open fires. Chimneys that we built in prevented black smog from forming on the inside of the walls of the homes. The stoves were a simple, efficient, and a practical solution for improving the lives of those living in the village since they were self-sufficient.

    Being a trip leader required a high amount of organization prior to the trip and this role allowed me to apply my leadership skills in a way I had never done before. I learned that projects are completed faster when everyone works together as a team and supports one another. I strived to make sure the group felt a sense of unity. Most of all the people of Guatemala left an impact on my heart that I will carry forever. I was so honored to work with them and learn about their unique and colorful culture. This trip has opened my eyes and taught me how to understand and embrace others, no matter what part of world they come from. 


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