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This piece was the final product as part of a study abroad to Shah Alam, Malaysia. 14 Ohio University students traveled to Malaysia, where we collaborated with a group of film students from the Universiti Teknologi MARA.

"Home For Hari Raya" is based off of a Malaysian short story by the same name, and tells the story of a young Malaysian woman returning home after her studies, and struggling to find the balance between her new life, and the memories of her past.

  • Based off of a Malaysian short story, this is the tale of a homecoming, and a coming of age.
  • The full crew.
  • Dolly shot at the kampong.
  • Attachment
    Here I am on camera.
  • Ezzat Hakimi, the Second Assistant Camera, goofing off before a take.
  • Attachment



  • Gretchen Kessler

    Gretchen Kessler

    Camera Operating/Assisting - Freelance
  • Lindsay Hatcher

    Lindsay Hatcher / Producer, Line Producer

    Ohio University-Main Campus
    As producer and line producer of this production I managed all pre-production processes, filming locations, and talent. I maintained awareness of budgetary, legal, safety, and location requirements.


Film, Study Abroad

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