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As a Peer Advisor at the Towson University Study Abroad Office, I co-created the International Eyes study abroad newsletter. I spent the Fall semester working closely with a fellow Peer Advisor and a Study Abroad Advisor.  We considered different themes, brainstormed article ideas, interviewed students who had studied abroad, wrote articles, and designed our newsletter.  I thoroughly enjoyed working on our small team to produce something that would showcase Towson University's students and the experiences they've had abroad.  

In the Spring Semester 2014, I also collaborated with another peer advisor to create the newest edition of the newsletter published Fall 2014.

  • As a Peer Advisor for the Towson University Study Abroad Office, I co-created the Spring 2014'International Eyes' study abroad newsletter.



  • Melissa Stoker

    Melissa Stoker / Editor, Designer

    Admissions Counselor - Towson University
    I worked with a fellow peer advisor and a Study Abroad Advisor. I wrote two articles, helped designed the pages, and interviewed students on their experiences abroad.


Study Abroad, Graphic Design, Journalism

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