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Pictualizer is an ongoing hobby project that was first started back in July 2012.

Pictualizer is a desktop music player & visualizer written in C++ with a heavy focus on aesthetics. Users can create slideshows of images in the background and play music with visualizations at the same time.

Some of the notable features that the Pictualizer contains:
- Completely custom UI framework that is both flexible and highly customizable
- Custom event architecture that supports both event bubbling and event trickling
- Dynamic texture & font system that automatically resizes textures & fonts based on window size
- An easy-to-use asynchronous image loading API

See a video of it in action here!
You can also check out the source here.

  • Attachment
    A fullscreen view of the Pictualizer.
  • Attachment
    The Pictualizer in a standard desktop environment.




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