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Over the past several months, I have worked on the Community Outreach and Prevention team in a field placement for my graduate degree. Through this experience I have collaborated with community members to secure donations for various events to promote child sexual abuse prevention. I worked with the Associate Director on reforming the Kids-TALK Children's Advocacy Center's Advisory Board. Through this, I was able to meet and correspond with impact leaders of the Detroit area within the Prosecuting Attorney's office, Detroit Police Department, Child Protective Services, and more.

  • Wearing orange in recognition of Unity Day 2013, part of National Bullying Prevention Month!



  • Ariel Piotter

    Ariel Piotter / Intern

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Secured $2000+ in donations for various prevention and awareness events. Responsible for 2013 summer youth employee curriculum and supervised two youth employees for six-week employment. Communicate and collaborate with local organizations for events and outreach aimed in preventing child sexual abuse and neglect.


Social Work

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