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On an International Service Learning trip to Costa Rica, I traveled with other students and opened clinics in Heredia and Alajuela, provinces of Costa Rica. These clinics were free and for the local underserved population of the provinces. This trip worked closely with Costa Rican doctors. As a student on this trip, the others and I took the place of nurses, and performed patient interviews, collected medical history, took vital signs such as blood pressure, and performed physical exams that included auscultation of the heart and lungs and patient specific tests for diabetes, malnutrition, and parasites. This trip honed critical-thinking skills, communication skills across the language barrier, and working with others in a medical team.

  • The whole group of students that went down to Costa Rica from The University of Toledo
  • In a small group, speaking with one of the Costa Rican doctors and the patient.
  • A small group of students/clinicians that were waiting to see a patient.
  • Me and a child that we diagnosed and treated.



  • Michael Baker

    Michael Baker / Student Clinician

    American University
    I was one of fifteen students that went to Costa Rica to open a clinic. As one of the students, I was responsible for taking patient history, measuring and recording vital signs, collecting epidemiological statistics, and dispensing medication.


Volunteering, Medicine, Public Health

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