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DeskConnect is the missing link between your devices.

My co-founder and I worked with press outlets in preparation for the product's launch, which was awesome. Check out some of our press: iMore, Lifehacker, 9to5mac, TUAW, CNETMacworld

  • DeskConnect was the #1 most downloaded app on the Mac App Store for 2 weeks in September 2013.



  • Ari Weinstein

    Ari Weinstein / Co-Founder

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    I implemented a proof-of-concept of DeskConnect at the LinkedIn Hackday in 2012, winning 3rd place. I went on to design and implement the the DeskConnect service, including the Mac and iOS apps and our backend and push infrastructure. I also maintained relationships with Apple in order to solve engineering challenges and manage our App Store presence. DeskConnect was featured on the Mac App Store at launch and quickly became the #1 most downloaded app - a position we held for nearly two weeks!


Entrepreneurship, Computer Science

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