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Make executive decisions for the well-being of the team, create upcoming schedules and plan tournaments and possible play dates, playing the role of a captain on the field during games, relying messages from coaching staff to team members, and creating a social schedule for the women on the team.

  • West Virginia University Women's Lacrosse team is about building skills, relationships and positive attitudes on and off the field.



  • Jenna Fronzaglio

    Jenna Fronzaglio / President

    West Virginia University
    I have been a part of  the Women's Lacrosse team for four consecutive years.  While on the team I was able to see the team grow and flourish into a top program in the W.C.L.L as well as a successful club within the West Virginia University Sports Club Federation.  My sophomore year I was elected by my peers to be treasurer of the team then the following year I was elected by my peers to be the President of the team.  As an organization we have been involved with several community projects that benefit the state of West Virginia.  We have also completed multiple fundraisers for our team so we are able to travel to different schools and places to play the sport we are so passionate about.   


Athlete, Cultural Organizations, Volunteering

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