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This was an essay written during my junior year following my first semester working as a student therapist at the Intensive Autism Services Delivery Clinic, a behavior clinic that specializes in hands-on therapy with children with autism spectrum disorder. This first opportunity to work with children with autism completely changed my future goals, and the IASD Clinic impacted me so strongly that I am still there continuing our work.

  • This report on my internship through the Psychology Department discusses my experiences as a junior therapist at the IASD Clinic.



  • Katie Donahoe

    Katie Donahoe / Junior Therapist

    West Virginia University
    As a junior therapist, I was responsible for running my clients' Discrete Trial Teaching programs, directing Natural Environment Teaching, following various client-specific protocols, keeping track of Behavior Intervention Plans, and alerting my supervisors when program targets met mastery criteria.


Volunteering, Communication, Life Science

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