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SPICE-Summer Program in Communication Erfurt is a 9 week study abroad program that takes place in Erfurt, Germany. As a participant, I completed a blog that documented my cultural experiences while applying communication theories to better explain the mechanics behind the intercultural interactions that occurred. The general overview of the blog can be found here: http://wvuspice2013.blogspot.com/2013/05/welcome-to-spice-2013.html My specific section of the blog can be found here: http://wvuspice2013.blogspot.com/p/lesli-odroneic.html



  • Lesli Odroneic

    Lesli Odroneic / Participant, Blog Author

    West Virginia University
    During my nine week stay in Erfurt, Germany, I participated in an intercultural communication course that allowed me to write a blog detailing my experiences in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic. This blog focuses on applying communication theories and concepts in action and in practice, assessing my own adjustment abroad, and reflecting on my experiences in Europe through site-visit blog posts.
  • Jacklyn Bloemker

    Jacklyn Bloemker

    West Virginia University
  • Cali Siravo

    Cali Siravo

    West Virginia University


Study Abroad, Communication, Writing

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