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Sprouts I/O is a project developed by Jenny Broutin of the Changing Places group at the MIT Media Lab. It is designed to allow people in an urban environment to easily grow their own produce by incorporating aeroponics, sensors, automation, and mobile applications into a fully integrated networked and responsive system. Through this technology, farming can be brought to cities and and help create a feedback cycle for healthier, more sustainable living. I joined the group in the fall of 2012 as an undergraduate research assistant. My job was to help design and manufacture the physical part of the system. Collaborators include: Jenny Broutin, Louis Thiery, Blake Jackson, Alex Konradi, Abdi Dirie, and Rich Fletcher.

  • A picture of the complete Sprouts I/O system including the mobile app.
  • A picture of the top half of the system. Notice the lights to assist growing and the green pods that house the roots and aeroponics.
  • A close-up of the main power bus of the system. Note that the extra plugs allow for complete modularity of they system.



  • Cole Houston

    Cole Houston / Designer

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    My job was to design the physical look and feel of the system as well as to manufacture it. Using CAD, I made models for the main parts of the system. Then using the laser cutter and 3D printer, I manufactured enough parts to be able to build two systems each able to support twelve plants. The design I helped develop emphasized simplicity and modularity. In order to keep the design simple, I took into account what it would be like to use it. From the need for modularity, I how to take all the parts into account and see the big picture.


Mechanical Engineering

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