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Eureka! is a network of user generated, book-specific content. These are organized by “snippets” and contain the key concepts and ideas inside books.

This tool helps users to borrow or buy books based on its content rather than summaries or reviews.
Furthermore, users can connect books with each other based on concepts and therefore creating a network of related books. Meaning that users can explore and discover new books starting from a point of personal interest. The application is not limited to current readers.

Much like Reddit’s TIL (Today I Learned) page, snippets act as individual pieces of worthy information. These can either be read passively, with no intention to pursue further, or actively, by provoking personal interest and further reading.


Our complete research here –

  • Attachment
  • Wireframes
  • Lo-Fi prototypes
  • Mid-Fi prototypes
  • Teamwork
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  • Morgan Chen

    Morgan Chen / Designer

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    • Researched users’ needs by interviewing and observing library users
    • Brainstormed design ideas maximizing the use of library resource

    • Iterated the design with sketches, lo-fi, and interactive mid-fi prototypes

    • Built the interactive mid-fi prototype by Axure

    • Conducted usability tests on paper and digital prototypes

  • Kevin Soong


Interaction Design

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