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Plastic Injection Molds (tools) are one of the primary methods of mass producing the many plastic items/components that we use every single day. We would take a part that a customer wanted to manufacture and design a tool that a tool and die maker could produce. These tools included items such as slides, inserts, runners, ejection plates/pins and water lines. We would completely design the molds in the 3D CAD program Solidworks. The molds can be as small as able to be carried to as large as needing a forklift to move around the facility.

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    A plastic injection mold similar to the ones that I have designed.



  • Matthew Jackson

    Matthew Jackson / Designer

    Purude University Northwest
    I would use SolidWorks to design from start to finish simple plastic injection molds. I also helped the other designers on more complicated projects by getting the bases ready for the complex cavities. Even the simple items that were included in every mold like runners, water lines and ejection pins had to be carefully evaluated to ensure the proper function of the mold in a manufacturing environment. In addition to the 3D modeling, I would also create all the 2D blueprints for all of the projects. This would include creating a BOM and individual component drawings that a Tool & Die shop would use to manufacture the mold.


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