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The University of Michigan's Human Powered Submarine student project team builds a human powered submersible vehicle to compete in the International Submarine Races held at the David Taylor Model Basin in Bethesda Maryland and the QinetiQ Ocean Basin in Gosport England. The team has been competing in the ISR and EISR for the last 18 years.

The team consists of students from a wide range of engineering disciplines such as naval architecture chemical, nuclear, industrial and mechanical engineering.

The submarine itself is a single pilot fully flooded human powered submersible vehicle. The pilot has their own scuba air supply use a set of bicycle-like pedals to turn a propeller and push the craft through the water. The submarine is built to meet a set of strict competition guidelines to guarantee pilot safety and a fair competition. 

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    The 2016-2017 University of Michigan HPS Team and our submarine Gulo Gulo
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    The ISR Race course at the David Taylor Model Basin.
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    Gulo Gulo at ISR 14 between University of Warwick's Godiva 3 (top) and Univerisity of British Columbia's Skoocumchuck MkIII (bottom)
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  • Joseph Frost

    Joseph Frost / Auxiliary Systems Design Lead

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    I serve as the teams Auxiliary Systems Design Lead. My responsibilities include the design and fabrication of the control and safety systems for the submarine as well as any mounting fixtures or hatch mechanism. The control mechanisms move the submarines control surfaces and ensure the submarine can maneuver underwater. The safety system consists of a mechanism that releases a distress buoy in the event of a pilot emergency. 


Mechanical Engineering, Engineering

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