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With retail stores closing as shopping transitions online, I was interested in predicting whether a store would close based on demographic information. Macy's was of particular interest since it had been in the news with its closing of multiple stores in 2016. Data was attained from the Macy's investors site and logistic regression was performed with IBM SPSS Statistics in order to predict whether a store would close.

Using surrounding demographic data, the logistic regression model produced did not perform too well. It was concluded that the population, median household income, and number of nearby Macy's retail stores, along with other demographic information, were not great predictors of a store closing. Past sales data specific to a store may have been better indicators, but that information was not made available.

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  • Denis Nguyen

    Denis Nguyen / Student

    Rutgers University-New Brunswick
    This was an individual project where I collected and prepared the data and analyzed it.



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