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In Fall 2016, we partnered with City Ferndale to design the Adopt-A-Park program. The main problem currently facing the City is that they want to increase recycling in the park because recycling brings in significant revenue for the City. However, the City currently has no metrics on how much recycling is currently in the parks or if it is too contaminated to be worth picking up.

After ideating with Sarah Donovan, the Ferndale Recycling Coordinator, we settled on an Adopt-A-Park model. Then, we did a comparative analysis of Adopt-A-Park programs, paying special attention to their strengths and weaknesses. Later, we constructed a survey which we distributed through the Ferndale Forum Facebook group. The point of the survey was to gauge residents’ feelings towards local parks, recycling, and the adopt a park program as a whole. Over 110 people answered our survey and there appeared to be a strong interest in the program overall. 

This program is a good t for this solution because it is a cheap and efficient way to crowdsource data collection for the City while also creating a relationship between the City and residents which the City can leverage in the future. Also, by fitting our solution into the daily habits of residents who already visit the parks, there is virtually no behavioral inertia to overcome, making it more like that people will use the program. 

From this course project partnering with a city organization, we gained a deeper understanding of Citizen Interaction Design (CID). Lack of communication is what is often the problem. A lot of times CID solution is bridging the gap between citizens and the city. A good CID solution can have the greatest impact after targeting the right pain points, starting small and getting some key citizens involved, and roll out afterwards.

  • Project Poster
  • Pitch Slides
  • Adopt-A-Park Report
  • Promotional Material-Pamphlet
  • Attachment
    Expo Picture with Sarah



  • Yidi Hong

    Yidi Hong / UX Designer

    As a UX designer, I was actively involved in the whole design process and also designed project poster, pamphlet as deliverables. 
  • Adam Engstrom

    Adam Engstrom / UX Researcher/Product Manager

    My contribution to this project involved identifying community needs through surveys and interviews, conducting competitive analyses, handling contact with stakeholders, working with various community partners, creating prototypes, and creating UX documentation such as reports.
  • Michael Gates

    Michael Gates

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  • University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


Interaction Design, Volunteering

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