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As part of a two person Fellowship team, we built a website where Jackson area residents can view the inspection violations on rental properties to get a better idea of which properties to rent or buy. On this project, I was hired to be the lead user experience professional, but also fulfilled the product manager, graphic designer, copywriter, and community liaison roles as well. The other Fellow was the technical lead and handled the bulk of the coding/programming.

Learning Objectives

My main learning objective in this internship was to get experience dealing with real-world set-backs and complications that cannot be really experienced in the classroom, and this project certainly gave me experience with that.  This project tested by flexibility and taught me the value of documenting and planning out projects while also being malleable enough to adapt to new circumstances or in response to issues. 

This project, as a whole, is a compromise between the ideal and the possible.  There are lots of things I wish could have been better, but I am really happy with what we were able to deliver.

Career Lessons

Taking the lessons of this project into the future, I will be a much stronger UX professional.  I will be able to avoid many of the pitfalls and set-backs that plague new researchers/designers who have not worked on projects outside of the student bubble.  I am also taking forward a stronger understanding of inter-team communication and sharper design skills.

  • Attachment
    Task flow I created for the rental process from the renter's point of view. It was used to get a better understanding of my users' needs.
  • Mock-ups I developed for the website. Some features have been slightly modified or removed since this mock-up such as the related rentals.
  • The final report and specification documentation information for the project.



  • Adam Engstrom

    Adam Engstrom / CID Summer Fellow (Product Management, UX, Graphic Design)

    My roles on this project included but were not limited to:

    • Managing project timelines and orchestrated deadlines
    • Building relationships with community organizations
    • Assigning duties and coordinated workflows
    • Mentoring a junior user experience professional
    • Balancing complex stakeholders needs with user needs
    • Conducting heuristic evaluations on Open Counter
    • Conducting comparative analysis on competitor products
    • Preforming short-hand contextual inquiries
    • Creating journey maps for each user group
    • Designing interview and usability testing protocols
    • Assessing user needs through surveys and interviews
    • Crafting personas for users based on research data
    • Creating wireframes to test layout options
    • Creating interface mock-ups in Adobe Illustrator
    • Utilizing color harmonies and patterns for consistent design
    • Creating style guides for consistent design
    • Testing prototypes in usability tests with potential users

  • University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


Graphic Design, Social Causes, Interaction Design

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