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A custom electric scooter designed and built from scratch for personal use.  Created as an individual project, with guidance from three graduate students, and a budget of $300.

Created as special part of MIT's Design and Manufacturing Course, otherwise known as 2.007.

  • Riding a Turn on the Final Product
  • Unfinished Rear Wheel Axel and Motor Shaft.
  • The Folding Mechanism in Action on Final Product- Front
  • The Folding Mechanism in Action on Final Product-Side
  • The Uncovered Electronic Underbelly. Shows the heat shrunk battery pack and wired motor controller.
  • Uncoated Battery Pack



  • Franco Montalvo

    Franco Montalvo / Project Lead

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    The overall design and all custom mechanical components were ideated, CAD modeled, and machined personally by me. I also made use of sourced parts to accelerate production time. With respect to electrical components, I also conducted power estimations, assembled and welded the battery pack, and wired all electrical components.


Mechanical Engineering

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