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This year nine student teams were asked to design a retail brand/product line for Focus:HOPE (Detroit-based non-profit metal work training facility), and to design and manufacture ONE product from the line. This one product must use the installed machining assets and machinist trainees in Focus:HOPE’s Machinist Training Institute. I collaborated with five teammates (2 MBA's, 1 MAcc, 1 IOE, 1 BFA) to create "Link Detroit." We designed and built a waiter's corkscrew, bottle stopper packaged in a hand-crafted oak box. Check out the class website: *this project featured on Seelio the week of 12/24/12*

  • Wine key, stopper and oak box.
  • The wine key. All components machined down from solid stock. Includes foil cutter, lift and corkscrew.
  • The stopper. The low-profile stays nearly flush with the top of the bottle and wraps around its neck. Sleek and space-efficient.
  • Logo development. Final logos at the top.
  • Early design drawings.
  • Early design concepts.
  • Early design concepts continued.



  • Adam Wells

    Adam Wells / Co-designer

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    Collaborated with Nicole Hankus (BFA 2014) on the product design, production and logo development. Photographs shot using Canon EOS Rebel T2i


Photography, Accounting

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