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This project was created to help the Jackson Interfaith Shelter streamline their process of aiding their homeless residents in obtaining different forms of identification necessary in securing more permanent housing through the government Section 8 program, as well as other citizen resources.

We created a quick, simple, easy-to-use-and-understand form with just a few questions to answers. Upon completion, each homeless resident will receive an action plan detailing which form of ID they should first obtain, how much it costs, where to obtain it, what information they will need to do so, etc.

Additionally, this form will auto-generate data on the homeless residents that fill it for the shelter. This will enable the shelter to be able to know the scope of the problem, and where the pain-points are. They can then use this knowledge to inform and impact discussions and decisions surrounding the shelter and homelessness in Jackson and beyond.

  • This is a poster about the importance of IDs and what they can provide. It includes a link to the form we created.
  • Attachment
    The form we created will ease this process of both homeless residents of JIS as well as shelter staff.
  • Attachment
    A sample action plan that a homeless resident would receive after completing the form.
  • Attachment
    Test data that shows what shelter staff will have access to use.
  • Attachment
    Our team as we presented the project at Jackson City Hall.



  • Mojolaoluwa Bolaji

    Mojolaoluwa Bolaji / Designer

    My role on this project was similar to my team members in that I was also responsible for conducting background research, stakeholder and user interviews, and usability tests. But specifically, I also designed the form for our final solution, as well as designing the Action Plans associated with the form.
  • University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
  • Swarnima Deshmukh
  • Jason Lam


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