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The B2 Watchers are a neighborhood watch group located on the Northeast side of Jackson, Michigan. This project addresses the B2 Watchers’ desire to expand and gain their visibility in the neighborhood, increase community collaboration, and raise awareness about important information. An informed and connected neighborhood will ideally facilitate a safe neighborhood.

Project Duration
September 2015 - December 2015 (14 Weeks)

We conducted user interviews, analyzed survey results from the past, and participated in design critiques in class. From this, we had efficient iterations with partners, and we developed a sustainable, easy and inexpensive solution that met the group’s needs.
Previous experience with design thinking projects and coursework at the School of Information helped us conduct these processes in an efficient and valuable way. As individuals, we brought a variety of skills in project management, public speaking and creativity to the project.

Our solution is composed of two parts to address the two main objectives of the B2 Watchers. As part of our first solution, we designed a logo that clearly communicates the mission and the identity of the group. The second part of our solution a Facebook Page and a Bulletin Board as online and offline information sharing platforms, respectively. The group will use these platforms to share information about city ordinances, crime, and other useful information with the community.

Key Learning Outcomes
This project encouraged us to think about sustainability and civic engagement in ways that other projects haven't before. We learned that high-tech solutions are not always the best solutions because their complexities hinder sustainability. In this case, simple solutions, such as a bulletin board, sufficed for the context of the problem. We also learned to scope our solutions appropriately to match time and resource constraints.

  • Final exposition poster highlighting the problem, our solution, and the impact of our solution.
  • Final presentation slides created for CiD Exposition.
  • Attachment
    Logo designed for B2 Watchers Neighborhood Watch Group.
  • Attachment
    Screenshot of the Facebook Page created to provide the community with important information online. Visit at http://fb.com/B2Watchers
  • Attachment
    Bulletin board installed at the Boos Center in Loomis Park to share important information offline.
  • Attachment
    The team and one of our partners at the CiD Exposition.
  • User scenario from our interview/research phase helped us design our solution.
  • Presentation slides from one of our design iterations in October 2015 used to gain feedback from peers and professors.



  • Wu Wang

    Wu Wang / Project Manager / Graphic Designer

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    As the project manager, I was responsible for communicating with our partners several times per week with updates and design iterations. I ensured that my team was making substantiative progress by setting deadlines and goals for us to achieve. My contribution was also logistical, ensuring that our product was delivered in full and on time.
    As a graphic designer, my main responsibility was translating sketches into digital form using Adobe Illustrator.

  • Kamya Sarma

    Kamya Sarma / UX Researcher and Designer

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
    As a part of User research, I lead the user interviews, prepared questionnaires and played the role of a note taker. After this, I synthesized the information from the interviews and from previous surveys and brought out interesting insights.
    I also took the creative lead on the project by coming up with sketches and ideas for the logos and also for the overall solution that were implemented. 
  • Melissa Weintraub

    Melissa Weintraub / Public Relations

    As the teams public relations manger, I was responsible for all public speaking both inside and outside the classroom.  I pitched at the expo and led many of our partner meetings, pushing them forward and communicating our teams positions and opinions to external parties. 
    Other responsibilities included leading the writing and editing of all of the team's publishings. This included reports, press release and more. 
  • University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


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