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Robot design competition for a class titled Engineering Graphics and Design in UCSD's Mechanical Engineering department. Teams of 3-4 students were tasked creating a robot that could remove plastic monkeys out of a cage and onto a tree. Teams were responsible for CAD design, rapid prototyping and engineering analysis (i.e. viability simulations). Our team went for a high floor/low ceiling robot in terms of points scored, and the end result was our robot had the highest average score in our section across 5 matches. 

  • Attachment
    CAD Mock Up of Robot Design
  • Attachment
    Prototype Design of Modular Basket Component
  • Video of Rotary Arm Working



  • Saurabh Rane

    Saurabh Rane / Team Member

    University of California-San Diego
    • Drafted attached CAD mock ups
    • Designed gear system that maximized the torque from the 5V Motor
    • Performed force/torque analysis to determine viablity of rotational arm
    • Assisted team in initial ideation/design iteration process


Mechanical Engineering

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