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The Michigan Tech University Innovation Fellows worked on creating an activity to introduce every first-year student in Fall 2015 to design thinking and hands-on experience as part of a national commitment to the White House. We created a 30 minute session that introduces students to some team brainstorming, creative problem solving, and simple prototyping. The activity itself took place during Orientation Week where all 1300 incoming students participated.

  • A quick recap from some of the fun at #uifresh.
  • Plan for the main activity



  • Bradley Turner

    Bradley Turner / Organizer

    Michigan Technological University
    I worked more on coming up with the specific outline and plan for the activity. After some group brainstorming I took our notes and complied them into a 30 minute session that covered the major points we had discussed. I focused on creating the flow of the activity and making sure all of the pieces seemed cohesive and useful.

    After facilitating the activity with the Orientation Team Leaders the week before the event I went through the original outline and revamped it to account for less time and time to transition and reset between sessions.
  • Magann Dykema

    Magann Dykema

    Michigan Technological University



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