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This summer, the four of us worked as interns through University of Michigan's School of Information for the City of Jackson, MI.

Projects include:

  • Providing recommendations to update the City website.
  • Providing recommendations to address information flow issues to the local Farmer's Market.
  • Conducting research to identify needs of citizens in the City. See more by clicking here.
  • Furthering action on the DIG Downtown Jackson campaign, which includes implementing an "Activate Jackson" campaign. See more by clicking here.
  • Updating the Distressed Property Report website and corresponding database. Learn more by clicking here.
Key impacts:
  • Completed multiple projects that are now or soon will be in use in the City of Jackson.
  • Successfully navigated the hierarchy of City Hall to gather information, gain approval for project proposals, and move projects forward.
  • Learned to effectively communicate the importance of our work and understanding the user in designing public systems.
  • Remained self-motivated to come up with and accomplish objectives throughout the summer.



  • Mirabella Olszewski

    Mirabella Olszewski / Usability and Interface Designer

    I completed the visual redesign of the Distressed Property Report (DPR) and City of Jackson site. I also created and conducted the A/B test for DPR. In addition I designed, implemented, and presented findings on the research project. I helped provide graphics for the local farmers market, and created graphics for the team to use. Lastly, I provided recommendations, along with the team, to the City, on various projects.
  • Vispan Boocha

    Vispan Boocha / Project Manager

    I worked as Project Manager for the duration of the internship. I was responsible for facilitating communication and resources between the city and my intern team. I was responsible for identifying requirements for projects and assigning resources to complete the project based on time constraints. 
  • Henan Bo

    Henan Bo / Web Developer

    I worked as Web Developer for this project. During this project, I modified the DPR website and built several other pages from both back end and front end. I was responsible for the appearance and functionality of the website as well as maintaining the database. I also did the data cleaning and data manipulation by writing Python programs for city staffs in order to facilitate their job.
  • Kristyn Sonnenberg

    Kristyn Sonnenberg / Dig Downtown Jackson Interaction Designer and Manager

    For Dig Downtown Jackson - a construction project and the information campaign around it - I revamped a weekly newsletter, designed and created wayfinding signage, proposed and carried out the production of an informational video with JTV in Jackson, and created templates for a newsletter and web page (on the City of Jackson website) for information campaigns around future construction projects.

    Additionally, I worked with Activate Jackson to complete a number of tactical urbanism projects, aiming to bring people downtown during construction and to encourage them to interact with the spaces and people around them.

    The design and post-analysis of these projects was all supported by hours of observation, a series of street-user interviews, an online survey, and input from city officials.
  • University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


Interaction Design, Web Design, Social Sciences

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