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I have repeatedly heard from those living and working in the City of Jackson, MI that “nothing is going on” in the city. This perception could come from a mismatch between available and desired leisure activities, a lack of information about upcoming events, or from another unidentified issue. I created and implemented a study to determine whether or not socioeconomic status (SES) has an effect on the perception that “nothing is going on” in the City of Jackson. To view data, please click here.

Through this project, I learned about the various challenges of doing my first ethnographic research project. While SES was a good lens given the time constraints of the project, in the future I would likely consider broader, social categorizations for my study when dealing with such a broad social issue. I am proud to have hit the pavement to interview so many people, and grateful to those who let me interview them.

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  • Presentation of findings.
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