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As part of the Citizens Interaction Design team, we work with the City of Jackson as interns. For this project, we worked in a team of three interns and City of Jackson staff to update the Distressed Property Report website. Our updates included a site redesign, database redesign and update, and change to mobile-responsive pages through use of media queries and bootstrap (as possible). We conducted an A/B test and contextual inquiry to inform our decisions for this site.

Through this project, the team learned a variety of things. We accomplished updating the website successfully while working in a cross-disciplinary team. We also each accomplished personal goals through completion of this project. The developer learned to apply Python to databases. The UX/UI designer got to conduct her first A/B test. The project manager is pleased to have changed mindsets and how data is handled by those we were working with in the city.

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  • Mirabella Olszewski

    Mirabella Olszewski / User Interface and Usability Designer

    I headed up the visual redesign of the site and A/B test. I also helped the programmer switch some of the pages of the site to bootstrap.
  • Henan Bo

    Henan Bo / Web Developer

    I worked as Web Developer for this project. During this project, I modified the DPR website and built several other pages from both back end and front end. I was responsible for the appearance and functionality of the website as well as maintaining the database. I also did the data cleaning and data manipulation by writing Python programs for city staffs in order to facilitate their job.
  • Vispan Boocha

    Vispan Boocha / Project Manager

    I worked as Project Manager for this project. My work involved working as a facilitator between city staff and my team. The work was particularly challenging due to the nature of city government and it's inherent time and resource restrictions. 
  • University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan School of Information

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


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