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My team is partnering with the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, Siat Gabon, and Rotary International to deliver potable water to Bindo, a rural village in the country's central region. We spent two weeks in March of 2012 speaking with villagers, palm plantation workers, Siat administrators, and medical researchers, to understand the current situation, the area's history, and the aspirations of the stakeholders. Based on our ethnographic and technical research, we have recommended the construction of a natural gravity-aided filtration system using local materials and expertise. Team members have delivered a report to local government and business stakeholders and will work with Rotary International to continue toward Bindo's future.

  • Conducting a focus group with men from Bindo. The insights gained from ethnographic research have proven invaluable as development continues
  • Children of Bindo
  • The water tower that is the center of water supply in Bindo.
  • Preparing to evaluate brainstormed concepts based on criteria such as desirability and sustainability.
  • The framework I created to evaluate service concepts.
  • Financial plan for the construction of a large-scale biosand filter in Bindo.
  • I created this graphic to describe the current state of water acquisition in Bindo. Further graphics described our proposed changes.
  • This work was featured in Seelio's "Staff Picks: Top 12 of 2012" http://blog.seelio.com/2012/12/31/top-12-of-2012/



  • Nathan Ritter

    Nathan Ritter / Design Process Expert; Graphic Designer; Engineer

    Northwestern University
    My varied expertise allowed me to contribute in several ways. I was the engineering expert. Throughout our work with technicians and engineers, I communicated technical concepts to my teammates, experts in fields like economics and business. I was the design thinking expert. I led my team through design methods including ethnographic research, synthesis, and concept prioritization. I also worked to bring stakeholders into the process who provided concepts in brainstorms and feedback as testers.



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