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I met Real Good Food through the whimsical click of the 'apply' button on Truapp. A week later I got a response, an interview, and the opportunity to join a hardworking team of cool people with a vision. our belief: good food is good food, and everyone deserves it. our goal: to create a web platform that allows people of all food backgrounds and beliefs to come together and swap, thereby leveraging all the untapped food resources in each community. result: people get to eat fresh, local, affordable (through our bartering system), healthy, tasty food. There are lots more adjectives to describe the benefits, if you'd like. We recently finished a Start Some Good crowdfunding campaign that raised $10,000 dollars. I learned what works, and what doesn't, and though the process was tiring, we'd totally do it again and raise even MORE. check us out at for more info

  • one of the community-building food swaps we hosted.
  • the start of a 6 hour guerilla marketing session at Kerrytown's Farmer's Market



  • Michelle Lu

    Michelle Lu / Community Strategy Intern

    University of Michigan - Ann Arbor



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