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Why use Seelio?

Seelio is a place for you to easily and beautifully document your works, projects, and passions to tell your professional story, share your personal brand and improve your online presence.

FramesGo Beyond Bullet Points

Capture all the things that add depth to a resume -- like coursework, volunteer projects, internships, and leadership activities -- with rich visuals and meaningful descriptions to more accurately and vividly reflect your experience and find your ultimate career.

CommunityJoin a Community

Connect with other students in your class, on your campus, or on other campuses to get feedback on your work and find inspiration. Plus, get access to Seelio's resources that help you build and refine your portfolio.

PathFind Your Path

Collecting your best work helps you identify themes, interests, and skills to help you better tell your story and enter your interviews with confidence. Build your portfolio to see where you've been and where you want to go.

Job searchOwn Your Job Search

Control what recruiters see when they look for you. Present all your achievements, skills, and interests in a beautiful and easy-to-use portfolio. Your personal URL can easily be added to your resume, LinkedIn, and other professional pages to give a better picture of who you are.

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ShowcaseShowcase Yourself

Graduate with more than a GPA, transcript, or resume. Leverage all the digital pieces of your online presence -- like YouTube videos, Prezi presentations, images, and more -- to beautifully showcase your personal brand, what you know, and what you do.

Personal brandDevelop Your Personal Brand

The only way your personal brand will work for you is if you truly believe in it. Reinforce it with activities that put your ideas into action. Getting to know yourself and your story is one of the reasons we believe it’s so helpful to build a portfolio.

What you can do here

Document your class projects

You worked hard for weeks or maybe even all semester on that project; show it off! Whether it's a robot you built or a marketing proposal you developed, use Seelio to document what you learned and get recognized for it.

Share about a recent internship or job experience

Talk about what you learned (even if you have to keep other parts of the job a secret), what skills you gained, and the impact you made on either the project or organization.

Share and collaborate on cool things you do outside of class & work

Whether it's a cool app you built at a hackathon, a dance marathon you coordinated, or samples of your photography, there will be someone else with similar passions on Seelio interested in what you have to show. Put it out there and find collaborators!

Hear from students

Students from campuses around the country share how Seelio helps them easily and beautifully document their works, projects, and passions.


"Seelio really helps me show employers, friends, and peers all the projects that I've worked on. I use it as a supplement to my resume when internship hunting as well as to show my friends and family what I've been up to."

Thuan Doan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Mechanical Engineering

“An online portfolio is a great way to document your accomplishments and truly show how your classroom, internship, volunteering, and job experiences can be translated into career skills. Seelio provides a platform to do just that, in a manner that is simple and user-friendly. Seelio provides more insight and reflection than a one-page resume ever could!”

Allison Stephens
The University of Michigan - Ann Arbor | Social Work

“I am so much more confident in the prospect of future employers looking at my Seelio profile to find out more about who I am than by simply scanning my resume. Seelio also allows me to have a competitive community with others who have similar interests and dreams.”

Priscilla Lee
The University of Texas - Austin | Communications

“A portfolio for me was a concise body of work that you use to show to get a job, or to apply for graduate school. What changed my idea of portfolios with Seelio is that it can be interactive instead of you just handing over physical pieces of your work. I could really say what I wanted people to get from my work and make a whole experience for them.”

Caitlyn Witt
The University of Toledo | New Media Design Studies

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