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"I'm thankful to Seelio for the support throughout my job search and I'm so glad I've used it. In a recent interview, the employer mentioned my Seelio account and some of the projects I displayed there. My portfolio really helped me in getting my job because it gave concrete visuals and writing samples of my experiences. Not only is it good for me to see everything I've done, but now I know it also definitely helps in getting hired."

Melissa Stoker
Towson University | International Studies

“I am a visual learner, so Seelio was really helpful when it came to laying out the specific projects I had done throughout college. I think students underestimate how much they do over the course of 4 years, and Seelio helped in making me aware of the breadth and scope of the projects I did.”

Jonathan Jackson
Washington University in St. Louis | Political Science

“Using Seelio is quite easy. It’s an incredible tool that centralizes all your experiences and projects into one easy spot. While I was putting my portfolio together, I saw the amount of stuff I’ve actually done. I just wish I could have started it sooner. I really don’t think I’ve scratched the surface with it since I’ve started as a senior and I’m still hooked.”

Marcel Ingels
The University of Toledo | Agricultural & Biological Engineering
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“Unlike LinkedIn, Seelio provides a FAR better outlet for visually showing what you've created. Saying what you did and actually showing the results are two very different animals -- and when you have both, it's magic! I share my Seelio link on all my resumes.”

Kaley Young
Purdue Calumet | Management Information Systems

“On Seelio, I immediately enjoyed the interface and the options to display my works. In the past, listing task bullet points didn't prove my degree of impact on a project. Seelio helps me not just demonstrate, but prove that my experiences have worth. Displaying projects tells employers that my past internships helped me build brands, but also my skills. The platform helps me market myself as a competent, well-rounded student and worker.”

Danielle Meinert
The University of Georgia | Advertising & English

Partner Stories

We are improving the return on investment of a student’s education by partnering with leading universities like these:

University of Michigan
Purdue University Calumet
West Virginia University
Colorado Technical University
Towson University
Ohio University
University of Toledo
Georgia Tech
University of Detroit Mercy
Tribeca Flashpoint College
Georgetown University

The University of Toledo

The University of Toledo is committed to experiential learning and has launched Seelio campus-wide to help students bring experiential learning to life.

See how students at UT are using Seelio to capture and showcase their experiential learning and connect with meaningful careers.

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West Virginia University Department of Communication Studies

West Virginia University’s Department of Communication Studies has introduced Seelio into its cornerstone and capstone communication courses to enable students to track learning outcomes across their educational experience and prepare for their careers from day one.

The Department also helps students connect with potential mentors via its alumni showcase curated by the WVU Communication Studies Alumni Mentoring Program.

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“I love how Seelio empowers students to create their own compass for professional growth. With each post and profile update, they project current successes to potential employers and instructors, and also move toward the goals they foresee for themselves once they become WVU Communication Studies graduates.”

Christine Rittenour | Assistant Professor of Communication Studies

“I would love to let every student at WVU know how beneficial it is to have a Seelio account and to take advantage of using an online portfolio that allows you to connect with other college students, alumni, and professionals. Seelio is a fantastic way to add a creative flair and a touch of personality to every work that you create!"

Lesli Odroneic | Communication Studies Student

The University of Michigan

The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, College of Engineering, School of Social Work, School of Information, and Office of Academic and Multicultural Initiatives (OAMI) are committed to helping students make connections between their classroom learning and the real world through portfolios.

From engineering to social work, see how Michigan students are capturing their experiential learning in one place.

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"The Seelio platform allows my students to graphically articulate their work, which is particularly powerful when students are designing or developing materials in engineering."

Pauline Khan | Director, Program in Technical Communication

“As an engineer with a passion for social change, I'm not a one-story-says-it-all kind of person. My Seelio shows all of me: my group facilitation experience, my biomedical instrumentation design projects, my involvement with student organizations, and everything in between. Seelio brings all aspects of my life together, the way I live them.”

Ashley Godin | Biomedical Engineering Student

Ohio University

Ohio University’s Scripps College of Communication is incorporating portfolios into first-year courses with plans to expand to all students in the college to help them track their learning in one place and have a showcase of work to present to employers to display the innovative and groundbreaking work they accomplish throughout their education.

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"Seelio allows the user to uncover a powerful interface that will bridge the gap between them and employers near and far. I'm also pleased by its ability to provide an assessment tool for the College's faculty and students that will help us gauge impact of curricula on our students."

Scott Titsworth | Dean, Scripps College of Communications

Moody Media Lab

The Moody Media Lab at the Moody Bible Institute uses Seelio to help showcase the great things that students are accomplishing to community partners, donors and prospective students. By embedding examples of student work directly on the Moody Media Lab website, it’s easy for others to see and celebrate student accomplishments.

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"Seelio has quickly become an integral part of our media program and the Moody Media Lab. Vital in connecting us to students, students to one another, and future employers to our students. Every part of our program from the quality of student work, to our collaborative culture, to career placement has been improved with Seelio in the mix. What's more, I'm thrilled that we are finally able to fully showcase our one-of-a-kind creative community to partners, donors, and potential future students."

Brian Kammerzelt | Chair of the Communications Dept, Moody Bible Institute