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Your strategy for career readiness? Building an online portfolio. Get our top tips and tricks:


Share your Seelio link to set yourself apart

Use your online portfolio as a differentiator in your job search! Employers and admissions counselors are looking for candidates who stand out and distinguish themselves from the crowd, and your Seelio will help you do just that. Boost your career readiness with these tips:

Career Readiness Tip: Put it on your resume
Put it on your resume

Include a link to your Seelio in the header of your resume so that employers can learn more about you.

Career Readiness Tip: Generate a QR Code
Generate a QR code

A QR code will allow employers to easily browse your Seelio on their tablets or mobile devices. Place it on your resume or business card.
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Career Readiness Tip: Tweet it out
Tweet it out

Share your Seelio link on social media to help build your personal brand and let your followers know what you've been up to.

Career Readiness Tip: Email it
Email it

Include your Seelio link in your email signature and increase your chances of being noticed.

Hint - You can find your personal Seelio URL at the bottom left of your portfolio

Why portfolios are helpful:

Student Online Portfolio Example: Alex Ryan, Electrical Engineering

"Seelio has been an incredible platform for me to communicate my accomplishments with a level of depth that I couldn't get from a regular old resume. In an increasingly competitive job market, this extra dimension can mean all the difference and boosts my confidence that an employer has made the right choice when hiring me.""

Alex Ryan | Clemson University, Electrical Engineering, Class of 2015

Student Online Portfolio Example: Caroline Jardine, Visual Arts & Art Education

“I recently had a phone interview, and the company asked to see some images of my studio work. I gave them my Seelio site URL and they loved it. Not only did my Seelio site present my work professionally, but it also gave me an edge over other applicants for this position who may not have an account. I ended up getting the position and I know that my Seelio page helped me!”

Caroline Jardine | University of Toledo, Visual Arts and Art Education, Class of 2016

Student Online Portfolio Example: Will Barnett, University Recruiter at Facebook

"There is always more to a candidate than just a resume. Writing great resumes is also an entirely different set of skills than what we're actually looking for. Any ability to learn who a candidate is, beyond just their resume and their degree is critical to finding the best engineers."

Will Barnett | University Recruiter at Facebook

According to a recent survey done by the Association of American Colleges and Universities, more than 4 in 5 (or 83%) employers say an electronic portfolio would be useful to indicate that job applicants have the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their company and organization.

Source: It Takes More than a Major: Employer Priorities for College Learning and Student Success.

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Still building your portfolio? Here are some resources to help:

From stories of other students on Seelio to regular tips about how to build a strong portfolio and use it in your job search, our blog is a great place to turn when you need a little help.

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