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WVU Communication Studies Alumni Mentors

About WVU Communication Studies Alumni Mentors


The Department of Communication Studies is proud of our alumni and their varied accomplishments and works. We have found that connecting students with alumni has been incredibly beneficial for the entire Comm community. Alumni can network with old and new friends and colleagues, stay in touch and support the program, and give back with as much or as little time investment as they wish. Meanwhile, students benefit in countless ways by connecting with alumni to discuss and reflect on career choices, professional development, and networking. This site will serve as a landing page for students and alumni to come together through the WVU Communication Studies Alumni Mentoring Program. HOW WILL I BENEFIT? For WVU Communication Studies students: Answer that question, "What can you do with a Comm Degree?" • How? • Peruse the mentor profiles to read about the enormous variety of careers you are qualified for with a Comm degree. • Read advice from professionals who were once in your shoes! • Discover a potential connection or mentor in a field or geographic region where you may be interested in working! Interested in one of the mentors featured on this site? Read the guidelines and submit an application to obtain contact information for that mentor through the link provided: https://ecas.wvu.edu/comm/view.php?id=30 For Alumni:We would love for you to become involved with our mentoring program! What is a Mentor? A mentor is an individual that can assist students by sharing his/her experiences, advice, and knowledge base. What does "mentoring" entail? Give as much time as you can spare to do any of the following: • Participate in alumni panels and events to meet current students and recent graduates; • Talk to your student about career choices or the pros/cons of your career via in person, phone, or skype informational interviews. • Advise your student on professional development, entering your career path; • Review resumes, cover letters or portfolios; • Conduct mock interviews; • Help your student network with people or companies that could assist them in getting their career(s) off the ground; • Share tips on beginning a new job; • Provide relocation information and advice; and • Be supportive once they relocate With your help students will... • Expand and develop their WVU and professional network • Gain invaluable first-hand insights from professionals • Develop leadership skills and build confidence • Receive support through different stages of academic and career development • Learn about careers of Comm Studies graduates and understand the professional job search and attainment process What’s in it for me? Expand your network! Feel great (you are helping people)! Maybe find yourself (or your friends) a great new employee! Be a part of a cool new initiative that will enhance the recognition and value of your own degree! Meet new friends! Earn WVU Comm Studies eternal appreciation! You can sign up to be an alumni mentor by submitting an application through this link: https://ecas.wvu.edu/comm/view.php?id=7


WVU Communication Studies Alumni Mentors