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About Design Expo Winter 2013


About the Design Expo::The Michigan Engineering Design Expo showcases the achievement of our students in engineering design and prototyping, and demonstrates applications of their studies that solve real-life problems.These opportunities enhance our undergraduate engineering experience and give students the edge they need to be successful professionals in today's demanding employment marketplace.We appreciate the faculty and generous sponsors who have made the Design Expo and student projects possible. Thanks you for supporting our efforts.Learn more about this year’s corporate sponsor, Eaton: our Program::The Multidisciplinary Design Program (MDP) is for highly-motivated students who want real experience and real credentials. In the MDP, you solve problems and create breakthroughs, working the way the world works: as a team of talented individuals where each member brings something unique to the challenge.Multidisciplinary design is especially important to students because it represents your future work environment. In both the MDP and the professional world, you will work with all types of engineers, artists, writers, business developers - the list is endless. Creating solutions requires working in teams with experts in a variety of fields.The MDP is the place to earn the academic and co-curricular credentials that will jumpstart your professional experience.