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There is always more to a candidate then just a resume. Writing great resumes is also an entirely different set of skills than what we're actually looking for. Any ability to learn who a candidate is, beyond just their resume and their degree is critical to finding the best engineers.

Will Barnett

Facebook University Recruiting

Seelio allows me to explore a student's passions in a way that's different from other sourcing sites. A Seelio profile tells a rich story about what makes a unique student qualified for the Yelp Sales Development Program. Plus, it's fun and visually compelling which makes it easy to use - a true sign the folks at Seelio get it.

Elizabeth Boatwright

Yelp University Recruiting

As I have used Seelio for PayAnywhere's recruiting, I have been amazed by all of the bright minds and unique talents that students have. Seelio is a phenomenal way for them to showcase what they can do and the amazing thing is that this is just the start for them!

Jessica Whitty

Pay Anywhere Recruiting