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What is Seelio?

Our Commitment to Students

It's your story. We help you tell it.

Seelio is an online portfolio network that lets students easily and beautifully document their works, projects, and passions. It is a place to track learning experiences throughout school, get recognized for hard work, and build a professional online brand.

A Partner in Higher Education

Seelio is committed to improving the return on investment of a college student's education.

Through an innovative, service-based approach to portfolios, Seelio partners with leading universities like the University of Michigan, University of Texas at Austin, and West Virginia University to implement custom portfolio networks that enhance student learning, engage stakeholders and drive greater outcomes in career placement, enrollment, and institutional awareness.

What you can do here

Document your class projects

You worked hard for weeks or maybe even all semester on that project; show it off! Whether it's a robot you built or a marketing proposal you developed, use Seelio to document your learnings and get recognized for them.




Share about a recent Internship or Job Experience

Talk about what you learned (even if you have to keep other parts of the job a secret), what skills you gained, and the impact you made on either the project or organization.



Share and collaborate on cool things you do outside of class & work

Whether it's a cool app you built at a hackathon, a dance marathon you coordinated, or samples of your photography, there will be someone else with similar passions on Seelio interested in what you have to show. Add it to the community and be found by people who want to work with you.





Why we are different

We are more than a resume site

Seelio lets you create a professional persona through meaningful descriptions and rich, visual attachments. Take control of your professional online presence and stand out in a way that you can't on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

Our community is comprised of individuals with similar interests

Our community, made up of student builders and doers, is genuinely more interested in your projects than those in your other social networks. This is the place for like-minded students to connect, to give and take feedback, or to get inspired. We want to eliminate unnecessary boundaries between social groups or campuses.

We are open to students of all majors!

We believe that portfolios are not exclusive to one subset of students or majors, but that they are an essential tool for all builders and doers. Creating a portfolio and looking to others for inspiration should be a part of every student's college experience. Being able to apply for jobs and internships is just the cherry on top.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The word "seelio" is a combination of see + portfolio. Seelio is made to be place where you can easily and beautifully share your works, projects, and passions and get feedback from your community.

LinkedIn is focused mainly on who you know and what you can do. As a text-based platform, it can often feel like a resume on top of a resume. But with Seelio, you can add rich visuals and descriptions to your work, and even link those works directly to your LinkedIn profile to tell your whole story. Seelio focuses on people and their projects and enables you to go beyond bullet points when you tell your story.

Seelio is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, home of the University of Michigan, which all of its founders attended.

The llama is the favorite animal of our site designer, Sharon. Since she gets to design what you see, she gets to pick our mascot. We think it's pretty cute, don't you?

Seelio is always on the lookout for great potential employees. We look for actual talent pretty close to when we need it, so we will be hiring for summer interns/new grads closer to March/April. You can see our posted jobs here.

We think you should be in full control of how your works appear so we have nuanced privacy options available for every work you add to Seelio. We hope you have works that you want to share with the world but we understand that sometimes it's best to share works privately with a small community first. To find your privacy options, click the "Visibility & Settings" link at the top panel of the add-work process. If you upload a resume in your About section, it will be visible to everyone, with or without a Seelio account. If you'd like to be more selective in how you share your resume, consider uploading it as a work!

Seelio is an online portfolio network that lets you easily and beautifully document your works, projects on passions. On Seelio you can:

  • Go beyond bullet points with all of the things that add depth to a resume—like coursework, volunteer projects, work experience, and more.
  • Join a network where you can connect with other students at your university and at campuses around the country.
  • Find your path by collecting your best work to find themes, interests, and skills that define your professional story so you can enter your interviews with confidence.
  • Own Your Job Search with a page dedicated to your professional work that helps you give a better picture of who you are.
  • Showcase yourself by graduating with more than a transcript, GPA, or resume. Leverage all of the digital pieces of your story to beautifully showcase what you know and what you can do!

Creating Your Seelio

"About" is a place for you to put a quick pitch about yourself. You can write anything you want, but we suggest mentioning things like your passions, goals and fun facts about you. It's a place to talk about how you got to where you are now, and where you want to go.

Tags are relevant keywords relating to your experience. Think of them as extra kernels of information that will help people find you when searching for certain skills. Make sure to tag your experiences with information that relates to your project. You can also use tags to help group works together relating to a certain issue or organization. Ex. If you used several computer languages in your project, tag those. If you exhibited leadership or group work skills, cite that. If your project is for a specific club, you can tag that as well.

Yes! You can rearrange works by clicking the button that says "Rearrange & Feature Works" on the top of the "Works" section of your profile. Once clicked, you can drag works to arrange them into the order you like. To highlight certain works, click the “Feature” button at the top of a work to expand it. To un-feature a work, click the “Feature” button again and the work will shrink. Don’t forget to click save!

Absolutely! Make sure you are signed in, then go to your profile (by entering your URL or clicking on your photo in the dashboard) and hover over your work to see the edit option. Once you have your work open, you can make all the changes you like and publish it again!

You bet! Add a link to your other accounts in the "Basic Information" area of your "About" Section. You can add links to: Github, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wordpress, Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, Quora, and even your own personal website or blog.

Yes. If you start a work, hitting the 'Save' button at the bottom will save it as a draft. This will not be visible to anyone but you. You can then come back to that work at a later time to finish and publish it. All of your drafts are saved in an area titled “Drafts” at the bottom of your profile page.

Yes, in fact, we encourage it! Seelio is meant to help you showcase your journey, and what you are currently doing is a part of that. Just like you would on your resume, you should mention any organizations, projects, works, etc. you are currently working on. You never know, you might meet someone who wants to help!

The short answer is anything you want (as long as it is professional!). We suggest putting things like your school projects, work/internship experiences, student org involvement, side projects, passions, personal accomplishments, etc. Put what you think will help tell a coherent story about who you are and what you want to do!

That's a tough one. We've seen people do a few different things. If you worked for a company and you can find the company logo, or pictures of the company at work, that works. If you can take a picture of anything you worked on, that would be great too. We've seen people take a picture of the things on their desk or books they've used to learn about the internship. Be creative!

Well, it depends. Are there any images of you doing the kind of work you're describing? Are there images of that work elsewhere you can show so we can get an idea of the things you do? The idea of Seelio is to get an idea of you and your work, so if you can find something that helps us understand your work, that's great!

You can! We're always expanding our support for attachments that you can add to your works on Seelio. Currently you can pull in attachments from a variety of Internet sources like Google Drive, Box, Prezi, SoundCloud, Instagram and more.

Using Seelio

'Works' refer to the projects, passions, extra-curriculars, work experiences, and achievements you want to show off. The advantage of Seelio is that it allows you to showcase anything you might want to use as a potential conversation topic or bragging point to friends, families, recruiters, and more. See how to add a work here.

The easiest way to show someone your Seelio is to add your personal URL to your resume. Recruiters love clickable links, it intrigues them. You can find your link at the bottom left corner of your Seelio profile. You can also link your Seelio to any existing domain or webpages you might have.

There are many things you can do! On Seelio itself you can apply to jobs and internships, follow others in your field, and browse our gallery of projects. Some other uses of your Seelio include: * Setting your profile as your homepage to track your progress throughout your education * Adding your personal Seelio URL in your e-mail signature * Showing it to recruiters at job fairs on a tablet or mobile device * Putting Seelio on your resume or grad school application * Sharing it with your family to show them what you are working on

Seelio is designed for college students and students who have recently graduated. Creating this kind of community helps students find work by their peers and jobs correctly suited for them. We encourage all university students, even freshman, to use Seelio! It is a great way to document your journey through college. Even if you don't have a lot of experiences, you can put accomplishments you are proud of to date, including those in high school. It's also better to start a web presence early. Recruiters, even when hiring interns, will look for an online presence. Plus Seelio is fun!

The point of Seelio is to be able to showcase your work, and we realize once you start creating your Seelio you don't want to abandon it. That’s why your Seelio is always available to you so you can continue to update and share your professional story. If you’re graduating, you may want to update your account email address though!

Seelio helps your job search in many ways.

  • Directly: you can apply to jobs directly on Seelio.
  • Indirectly: you can browse Seelio to see what other students like you are working on, which will help you get an edge in the search.
  • Intermediate: Ever heard 'a picture's worth 1,000 words?' Here is your living proof. Seelio is a great way to complement your resume or online application. It helps you to illustrate the projects on which you are working (ex. that mechanical engineering project you designed and built, or the flyers you designed). Seelio also helps you show a bit of personality. These days cultural fit is becoming increasingly important. This means companies want to hire someone with whom they would like to work with. Seelio helps them to figure this out.

You may not be a designer or engineer, but you still have things to show! Want to show the marketing campaign you designed, the half marathon course you ran or the house you built at habitat? These are all examples of things you can show on Seelio! Seelio helps add legitimacy and personality to your work. It also helps companies to see more of who you are and if you will be a cultural fit.

When you add a collaborator, if they are already on Seelio they will receive a notification via e-mail that they have been added as a collaborator to your 'work'. If they are not already on Seelio, they will receive an e-mail invitation to join the site. Once they log in to Seelio, the 'work' will show up on their profile like it does on yours. Adding a collaborator is like adding another owner to your project. Once a collaborator is added to your work, they have the ability to change the appearance of the work including descriptions, attachments, and more. Having a collaborator helps to add legitimacy to the work and helps put your work in context. For example, when viewing a work, each person on the work appears with their role and contribution to the project, helping your audience understand the team.

Yes, make sure your collaborators are in agreement before changing a work.

Companies FAQ

Seelio portfolios give recruiters a multifaceted lens that isn't available on other social media sites where students congregate. While Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms have information, it's often not professionally related and doesn't do a great job of showing a recruiter the deeper side of student life-- the learnings, projects and activities that make a compelling case for why a student should be a part of your team. Seelio helps students track their college journey and truly start to understand where their passions and interests overlap as well as the skills and capabilities they've derived from those experiences.

Seelio is currently in free beta mode. This means that accounts and up to 10 job posts are free. For additional account features like promotion of your open positions, the ability to message students directly and expanded search capability, contact Emily at emily [at] seelio [dot] com.

Seelio is a portfolio network for student builders [engineers, programmers, hackers] and doers [creative writers, organizers, advocates]. The students who take the time to create a portfolio on Seelio are the go-getters and high achievers that you want to be a part of your team.

All recruiters on Seelio have access to our People tab. This is where you can search by skill, university, major, or career interest. Students have tagged their works with key skills and abilities in order to help you find them. Consider upgrading to one of our premium accounts for the ability to search all student portfolios on Seelio and message students directly! If you'd like to talk about additional account features, contact Emily at emily [at] seelio [dot] com.

Seelio is growing daily with students from over 800 colleges and universities at campuses like the University of Michigan (our home base!), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Texas at Austin, Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, and the University of California Los Angeles.

Getting an account started takes less than a minute. Sign up for a free company account here.

Give students a brief overview of what your company does and the mission that keeps everyone motivated. Seeing is believing! If you have videos or pictures that help tell your story, be sure to add them. Need an example? Check out Facebook's or Yelp's Company Profiles.

Think about what makes your company tick. How do employees interact? Provide information that will help students understand if they're a fit for how your company operates. If you have great perks or policies that set you apart from the rest be sure to talk about them. Need an example? Check out DataScope Analytics' or Twitter's Company Profiles.

Log into your account and click the "Manage Company Jobs" tab. Click the red "+New Job" button and complete the required fields. Note that you can ask students to highlight certain pieces of their portfolio in their application as well as have them answer specific questions related to the position.

Applications will be held in your "Manage Company Jobs" tab. In your account settings (located in the upper right corner of your account), you can select to be notified via email when students apply to your openings. When you log into Seelio and visit your "Manage Company Jobs" tab, you will find applications under each job listing you have open. Simply click on the position to be taken to a page that lists all of the applicants for that position.

Yes! At the bottom of each job post there is an option to list an alternate URL for applications. You can insert a link for JobVite or any other application tracking software your company is using. If your job post is already live, click on the position in your "Manage Company Jobs" tab and then click "edit listing" and add an alternate URL in the field at the bottom of the right-hand side of the post.

Please do! We'd love to tell your story. Contact Emily at emily [at] seelio [dot] com and she can write up a feature about you and your company.

No worries! Our dedicated business outreach manager, Emily, is here to help. Drop her a line at emily [at] seelio [dot] com.

The Story

Seelio started with a visit to Scarlett Middle School in Ann Arbor, Michigan, for Portfolio Day - an event where students showcase themselves to professionals in the Ann Arbor community using a paper binder of class work, essays, and awards.

Afterward, Seelio's future cofounders lamented to the program administrators: "Too bad that the paper portfolios will probably wind up on a shelf in their homes, never to be seen again." Even more unfortunate, those who hold the keys to educational and career opportunities would probably never review these rich portfolios to make better admissions or hiring decisions.

Inspired by this event, Moses Lee, David Jsa, and Jerry Wang founded Seelio at the end of 2011. Initially, the the platform was open only to students at the University of Michigan.

In August of 2012, we launched Seelio to the world with a vision that college students everywhere could use it to show who they truly are and what they can accomplish. We're rapidly expanding to campuses across the United States and the world. In the future, we hope Seelio will be used by students at all levels, from kindergarteners to PhD's.

Ambitious? You bet. We dream big.

The Team

At Seelio HQ

Chris Baik
Rachael Brunk
Marketing Intern
Sharon Chen
UI & UX Designer
Mike Deming
VP of Technology
Karyna Figuero
University Partnerships Coordinator
David Jsa
CTO, Co-Founder
Emily Keller-Logan
Head of Marketing
Moses K. Lee
CEO, Co-Founder
Ginny Liu
UX Designer
Chris Schubbe
Director of University Partnerships
Mary Shepard
VP of University Partnerships
Holly Stuard
Director of Educational Services
Feroze Shapurwala
Stuart VandenBrink
Eric Yu
Developer Intern

Board of Advisors

Bob Dowdell
Steve Fireng
Adrian Fortino
David Fry
Nate Johnson
Rishi Narayan
Rudy Pataro
Lorne Zalesin

Jobs at Seelio

Seelio is always on the lookout for great potential employees. We look for actual talent pretty close to when we need it, so we will be hiring for summer interns/new grads closer to March/April. You can see our posted jobs here.

Those in the Ann Arbor area who are interested in testing our new features on Seelio, email Ginny Liu ( and request to be on the list.


Feedback/Ideas: Click Here

Still need help? Email

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